Ukrainian artist creates unique pictures made of clay

Comrade Sukhov, Ostap Bender, the heroes of Gogol. 3D painting creates Irina Antonova, a resident of Makeyevka, Ukraine. For her work the artist uses clay.

The artist says: «I have created more than a thousand of pictures, but each of them is special.» Journalist of TRC «Union» Svetlana Kikteva interviewed the artist.

«Living Pictures». So the visitors of exposition called pictures of Irina Antonova. All of these compositions Irina is making ​​at home. The master doesn’t use sketches to create them. The artist sculpts manually every detail.

Irina Antonova, the artist: «Each picture has its storyline. After I molded a figure, I dry it, tint, and paint. I’m working with acrylic, and paint figures face using watercolor. At the end, I cover the picture with varnish.»

Merchants Tea Party, Ukrainian tableful, heroes of old popular movies. All of these are the topics of pictures created by the artist. Currently, she is working on composition «Russian bathhouse».

Irina Antonova, the artist: «I made all these parts separately, then they are installed and painted, figures are installed and painted at the end. I also create them separately. I keep the sizes; there will be a little daughter on the top shelf.»

Among the works of the artist, there is a picture based on the film «The White Sun of the Desert». The author tried to make her characters look like the actors that performed the main roles. In the collection of Irina Antonova, there is a composition to the film «Twelve Chairs». The author also portrayed the characters of the novel «Zolotoy Telenok»..

Irina Antonova, the artist: «I have tried to represent all characters and all details that correspond to each character. Here Shura is sitting with the weight that they sawed, the case for Koreiko is in the hands of Bender.»

Several paintings are inspired by movie «Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka» which was filmed based on a collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol. Here you can see Vakula and Oksana, Solokha and Patsyuk the sorcerer. The artist says that her works spread in countries all over the world.

Irina Antonova, the artist: «Here is a samovar on the table. This mirror on the right side, it’s presented in each picture of «The Russian Merchant». That’s the merchant’s wife, that’s the merchant.»

The creation of one picture takes from one to several months. Irina Antonova says: topics of the works are repeated, but each one is individual and unique in details.

Source: TRC «Union»,

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