Irina Antonova — master of modern decorative and applied art, participant of Ukrainian, Russian, and international exhibitions.

Since the 1989 year, Irina makes statuettes and unique volumetric pictures in a mixed technique using ceramic mass for modeling, cloth, wood, acrylic, watercolor, and acrylic lacquer. Each artwork is assembled from more than fifty elements made by hand. Some compositions are created based on famous literary works and films, and other represent stories of Ukrainian and Russian folk.

The creativity of Antonova is in demand not only in Ukraine and Russia. Unique volumetric artworks spread all over the world. In the list of well-known owners famous politics, and presidents. The most complicated and unusual artwork The Nativity Scene is in the Temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Kiev.

“I believe that everyone should bring kindness and love to the world. Through my work, I want to share things that are so important to me: family values, love to people, beauty and uniqueness of different cultures. Most of all I’m pleased when people say that my pictures have positive energy. My artworks are not only a beautiful home decoration, but also a talisman for happiness, well-being, and prosperity for a family.”

Irina Antonova

Modern decorative arts and crafts