Craftswomen from Donbass creates 3D-compositions for mayors and politics

Masterpieces created by Irina Antonova are decorating houses of former Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, former president of Ukrainian Leonid Kuchma and former president of Tatarstan M. Shaimiev.

A resident of Makeyevka Irina Antonova creates unique volumetric compositions made of clay that amaze art lovers not only in Ukraine but also in other countries.

As the craftswomen told to “Segodnya”, she started to create the amazing works more than 20 years ago after she read an article in a journal about handiwork. “However, the article described the technique of modelling using dough and fabric and I decided to create a picture using a ceramic mass for modelling. I was going to decorate the kitchen with my hands and as a result I made a pretty big volume picture – 40×40 cm. That picture was very simple, there were a large oval table with a samovar and bagels, at the table sat a large family” – says Irina Antonova.

Since than the craftswomen has created more than three hundred amazing works. Her masterpieces Irina creates not in a special workshop but at home. “As the basis of the pictures I use wooden boxes that I craft by myself. Then I create characters and make up the “interior” of the pictures. I do everything by hand using clay, sometimes using wood and cloth. On average, for every picture I model about 50 items, from cups and fruits to with figures characters. All parts I dry in the oven and then paint and mount in the picture” – gives a master class Irina Antonova.

Mostly on her works the craftswomen embodies Russian and Ukrainian feasts as well as the life of Cossacks. There are a whole series of works with well-known movies heroes. For example, among the 3D-pictures there are sets of compositions about “great combinator” Ostap Bender, in details recreated scenes from movies “Chasing Two Hares” and “White Sun of the Desert”. There are also works dedicated to Donbass, particularly to work of women in the coal companies. But the most complex and unusual work Irina Antonova calls the picture with Christmas motifs, which is now in the Kiev temple of Nikolaos the Wonderworker. “On this picture I was working more than six months, although it didn’t come out very large, about 55×75 cm, but for me it was a record – it’s depth was about 20 cm, – says the craftswomen. – To comply all the canons, I took as a basis the two Orthodox icons and arranged them.”

By the way, the creativity of Antonova is in demand not only in the Donbass. Volumetric pictures with Ukrainian naitional plot scatter all over the world. In the list of well known owners is the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, and even presidents. For example, the ex-President of Tatarstan Mantimer Shaimiev. “Once they sent me a picture of him and asked to create a picture of a friendly tea of fraternal peoples. It turned out very interestingly. The ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma once received as a gift my “Ukrainian hut”, recalls Irina Antonova.

It should be noted that the price for an unusual 3D-pictures starts from $100. However, the cost of particular pictures can be increased dozens of times – it all depends on the complexity of the performed work. “I never keep a price. If a person really liked my picture, but has no money, I can easily give my picture, – admits Irina Antonova. – By the way, when people buy I always warn: “You need a good nail in the wall for my picture!”, because the weight of some products can reach a few pounds.”


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